BS-40 Wet cable wire separator machine



1: Technical data

Power: 33.5KW
Voltage: 110V,220V,380V,460V
Processing diameter: below 20mm
Capacity: 300~600KG/H

1 : Hopper   2 : Crusher  3 : Vibration Table 

  4 : Water Pump  5 : Control Box


2: specification

  1 : All of oil hole must be filled with mechanical butter before operation (once a week)

  2 : The water tank must be filled with water

  3 : Press the power buttons in the following sequence: water pump/segregating unit/grinder.

 Feed water level regulation 

   1 : Adjust the water level according to the quantity of PVC/rubber particles and copper particles on

   the separator plate.

   2 : If there are more PVC/rubber particles in copper particles, the water level could be appropriately adjusted higher.

   3 : If the PVC/rubber particles don’t go up with copper particles together, the water level could be 

   appropriately adjusted lower.


The way to replace the screen

1 : Replacing the screen is aimed to increase working efficiency, separating the PVC/rubber particles and copper particles completely.

2 : When replacing the screen, firstly, open the right cover of the grinder; then, loosen the screw of screen to remove it; finally, put the ideal screen into it.

3 : Replacing the screen according to the wire diameter (communication wire: Φ2-2.5mm;

   electric wire: Φ2-2.5mm;other wire: Φ3-5mm

    4 : Adjustment of the screen: The ideal distance between the screen and the rotary cutter is about 1mm.


 The way to sharpen knives

   1 : Rotary cutter: Sharpen it by grinder and hold the blade at the ideal 15 degrees. ( No need to    

   remove the blade).

   2 : Stationary knife: Sharp it by grinder or grinding machine after removing the stationary knife.

   3 : Knife adjustment: The ideal distance between rotary cutter and stationary knife is about 0.2mm.

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